Plenty of resource lists are available online, instead we provide a curated selection of documents aimed to appeal to computer scientists and CGI practitioners.

SIBGRAPI 2021 | Brazil

Leo Dorst and Steven De Keninck teach an introductory tutorial on the dark and light side of PGA.

The Reflection Menace.
The Euclidean Group in n dimensions.

Attack of the mirrors.
The algebra of reflections.

Revenge of Infinity
To infinity, but not beyond!

The Forque Awakens
The algebra of joined forces!

A new Hope I
Implementing a dimension independent inverse kinematics solver.

A new Hope II
A dimension independent rigid body dynamics solver.

May the Forque Be with You

Want all the details and demos?
The writeup that accompanies these lectures is available here !

From zero to geo | Sudgy

In this series Sudgy digs into GA from the very ground up. Ask him questions live on our discord!


1.1 Why do we care about vectors?

1.2 The length of a vector and how to change it.

1.3 How to add vectors

1.4 The Algebra of Vectors

1.5 What is (a) Space?

1.6 Describing Many Vectors With a Few

AGACSE2021 | Brno, Czech Republic

Fundamental Forces.
Cambridge professor Anthony Lasenby on GA and the fundamental forces.

Graded Symmetry Groups
Dr. Martin Roelfs makes symmetry groups feel plane and simple.

GA approach to orthogonal transformations in signal and image processing.
Camridge professor Joan Lasenby on orthogonal transformations.

Geometric Algebra Lie Groups
Professor Dmitry Shirokov on Lie groups defining automorphisms that leave invariant fundamental subspaces of geometric algebra.

GA in control theory
Dr. Jaroslav Hrdina on geometric algebras in mathematics control theory.

Optimal Control
Anna Derevianko on Solver free optimal control for Linear Dynamical switched systems by means of Geometric Algebra.

GAME2020 | Geometric Algebra Mini Event

The GAME2020 event, held in Kortrijk in February 2020 featured talks by some of the fields leading researchers.

Dual Quaternions demystified.
Steven De Keninck explains how PGA is a natural algebra for the Euclidean group.

Get Real!
Dr. Leo Dorst from the University of Amsterdam explains how Geometric Algebra subsumes/extends/invigorates Linear Algebra.

Robots, Ganja and Screw theory.
Hugo Hadfield and Eric Wieser explore how Conformal Geometric Algebra can be used to simplify robot kinematics.

A new language for physics
Cambridge professor of cosmology and astrophysics Anthony Lasenby takes you through the Geometric Algebra view of all fundamental forces. (slides)

Geometric Neurons
Dr. Vincent Nozick explores current applications of Geometric Algebra in Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Dietmar Hildenbrand demonstrates how GAALOPWEB enables the easy integration of Geometric Algebra algorithms in a wide range of target languages and platforms.

PGA4CS Plane-based Geometric Algebra for Computer Science

GA4CS is one of the modern references for Geometric Algebra. This text augments the original 2007 book with a proper treatment of the Plane-based geometric algebra known as PGA.
CGI2020 Keynote

Siggraph 2019 resources

The following resources accompany the Siggraph Course "Geometric Algebra for Computer Graphics"

The above resources are also available as a single archive file

Introductionary / Motivational

Just getting started with Geometric Algebra ? The following resources have few prerequisites.
Geometric Numbers
Applications of Geometric Algebra
Geometric Algebra

Projective Geometric Algebra

The projective model is the ideal starting point for CG programmers, and can be seen as the Geometric Algebra version of homogeneous coordinates. It is the most efficient model to cover all metric-preserving transformations. (rotations, translations).

Conformal Geometric Algebra

The conformal model extends the projective model adding in point-pairs, circles and spheres as first class citizens. Its rotors encode conformal transformations. (rotations, translations, dilations). It is a computationally more expensive, but versatile model with many applications in physics and science.


A number of extensive resource lists are available online :