Plenty of resource lists are available online, instead we provide a curated selection of documents aimed to appeal to computer scientists and CGI practitioners.

Siggraph 2019 resources

The following resources accompany the Siggraph Course "Geometric Algebra for Computer Graphics"
The above resources are also available as a single archive file

Introductionary / Motivational

Just getting started with Geometric Algebra ? The following resources have few prerequisites.

Projective Geometric Algebra

The projective model is the ideal starting point for CG programmers, and can be seen as the Geometric Algebra version of homogeneous coordinates. It is the most efficient model to cover all metric-preserving transformations. (rotations, translations).

Conformal Geometric Algebra

The conformal model extends the projective model adding in point-pairs, circles and spheres as first class citizens. Its rotors encode conformal transformations. (rotations, translations, dilations). It is a computationally more expensive, but versatile model with many applications in physics and science.


A number of extensive resource lists are available online :